If you aren’t investing time EVERY DAY to learn about IoT and emerging tech, your company won’t be relevant in the next 10 years.
— Bay

I have been at the forefront of IoT and tech for over a decade. I spent half of my career working in or founding startups and the other half building up Apple's SMB division from nothing to a 2000 person team with a $1B USD run rate. Tech companies across the globe now come to me for guidance. I hold equity positions in over 50 IoT/Connected Hardware companies.

I have spoken at 100+ tech summits across 25+ countries and 50+ cities. I have experience with all sectors of technology, from blockchain to wearables.  Modern technology has the power to captivate any audience; I am uniquely qualified to unleash this power. Let me proselytize you to the magic of the Internet of Things and you won't be disappointed.

Watch one of my speeches below!