I built the global Small to Medium business division at Apple from a small division to a 2,000 team with a $1 billion run rate, the #1 team for SMB in sales and customer loyalty.

I knew I couldn't stay forever, the companies I worked with all made solutions to Silicon Valley problems not real world ones. I knew the best manufacturing was across the world, yet not a single person I talked to had done business in China. That's when I knew it was time for a change.

My wife and I packed up our lives and bought one way tickets to Hong Kong, when we first stepped foot there we lived there. This is where Living in Beta comes from.

I knew I wanted to work with hardware and the internet of things. Whenever I'm looking for a new market I ask myself "is this the future?" The fact is, despite the perception, the amount of things in our world that are truly connected could be a rounding error. By chance I met my cofounders Manav and Bashar, and we started Brinc, a startup accelerator, together. 

I've now supported over 40 startups in the hardware, internet of things and drones/robotics markets, helped launch 22 products, and raised $14 million in venture capital money for our investments. 

I love working with problems I've never heard of in countries I've never been to.