Don’t be a unicorn, be a rhino.
— Bay

Silicon Valley sucks. Lazy software developers sit in their basement and allow Google, Apple and Valve to distribute, advertise, and manage their product. They've ruined the public view of entrepreneurship. We need young hustlers, willing to talk to manufacturers directly even if there's a cultural and language barrier. The ones that can be independent, live without corporate overlords doing 90% of their work, will guide us to the future.

I was there, as an advisor, at the inception of the modern "startup." I worked with Uber, Airbnb, Intercom and over a hundred more. I've led companies from drowning in debt to being worth billions, and I've watched as poor ideas and lazy founders hack, pivot and jam their way into bankruptcy. Let me help your audience be part of the rhinos, rather than the weasels.

Check out my interview with CGTN below for a taste.