The Power of Hustle

You’ve got to get moving!



It’s the age old debate of success being attributed to effort or intellect. I stand firmly in favor of the power of effort. My belief is that YOU have to make it happen. Whatever it is you’re searching for isn’t going to happen on its own.

After my hiatus to Tahoe this winter (where I was focused on shaking off the last four years at Apple), I came back to Silicon Valley to reengage my network. A peculiar thing happened…everything was the same. The major trends and trade winds were just as I had left them months earlier.

It made me think that no matter where I am in my life (location, profession, varying degrees of responsibility, etc.), I can simply get back to hustling and opportunities, connections, and deals will follow.

For some, the concept of hustle may be as foreign as learning a new language. Put simply, hustle is ‘you in motion’.

A perfect example is my last Wednesday: The week prior, I was at Blue Bottle in the Mission with my film company (FrenchPressFilms.com) and I ran into an old friend, Zack Verdin, founder of NewHive.com (http://linkd.in/1dRi59w, @zachverdin). Zack was enjoying coffee with Rebecca Kaden of Maveron Ventures (http://www.maveron.com) whom I exchanged information with briefly. Rebecca and I met the following week to talk ‘shop’ and it ended up that her VC firm needed video work done. She also had connections for another company I advise (JuiceShop.com, http://twitter.com/juiceshopsf), and I had a potential new seed investment lead for Rebecca (one of my other companies, AnyRoad.com, http://twitter.com/anyroad).

This is the power of hustle (and real-time follow through) in action.


You HAVE to get moving (go to coffee shops, go to events, host events).

You HAVE to talk to people (talk to your neighbor on the plane and at the café).

You HAVE to follow through (email people while your’e talking to them, connect online, set up a coffee or next reason to meet if there’s a reason).

A great quote to further explain my point is from Richard Branson, who is arguably one of the most successful (and seemingly happiest) businessmen of our era:

“I have no secret. There are no rules to follow in business. I just work hard and, as I always have done, believe I can do it. Most of all, though, I try to have fun.”



So go get it! Stir it up. Make it happen. You can do it!! You just have to get started.

For a more colorful definition, check out the urban dictionary (I’m not recommending you do anything illegal :)http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hustle