The Importance of Having a Goal

Why you can’t make a decision today…because you don’t know where you’re going tomorrow.

If you don’t know where you’re trying to go tomorrow, how can you make an informed decision today?

 I passionately believe that you should have goals for your own life (live with intention), but I am nearly fanatical when it comes to people who are leaders of others having goals (I believe it’s a critical responsibility of leaders). A common scenario is when someone doesn’t perform the way you think they should at work. How can you give that employee feedback if the expectations of their performance isn’t rooted in a clear vision or goal? The short answer is that while you can, you shouldn’t. Managers enforce rules, where leaders empower. 

 And having a goal isn’t just important when you’re leading people, but when you’re simply trying to evaluate the next few steps in front of you (in any area of your life).

 This week, I prepared a quarterly recap for the film company I lead (FrenchPressFilms.com) as a simple way to both provide a pause from the fast pace of their work, but also as a way to inform where the company was headed. It only took me a couple of hours to gather the most important achievements and priorities for the company, but the impact was felt across the company.

 I took away a reminder that we all need context. Life can feel like a run-on sentence at times and we all deserve a moment to pause, look back, and then forward again with a fresh perspective. If we don’t give ourselves these pauses, it’s highly possible that we will end up wondering where we’re headed and confused when we gtt there.

 TIP: For you and your business, put a date in your calendar for the last week of September and another one for the first week of January. Mark the day ‘Quarterly Recap and Goal Commitment’. Take an hour on those days to look at what you and your company have accomplished over the last three months then quickly reassess the validity of those achievements and goals moving forward. Finally, commit to what you’d like to accomplish in the coming three months and write me to let me know how it goes! (@betabay or betabay@me.com)

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