How to Easily Become a Conscientious Internet Citizen

It’s as easy as creating something each day

It’s simple really…all you have to do is write something new for the internet each and every day. It’s not about the length or even the topic necessarily. Rather, it’s about consistency. One sentence that sums up the whole point of your post and a simple anecdote to illustrate the concept you’re explaining to your audience. 
 That’s it!
Well, we all know that starting any new behavior is difficult. That’s why today I’m writing to share the simple lesson and support that I gained from a very popular online persona, Adam Rifkin. Named ‘Fortune’s Best Networker’ (http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/tag/adam-rifkin/) Adam has made a simple and highly effective habit of spending 10% of his work time on creating new connections and content online. Over years, it really adds up and as Adam so simply put today, ‘If you think about all of the people who you currently help offline, just imagine how many people you can help by putting the things you learn online for others to gratefully consume.’
And Adam knows his stats. As an entrepreneur who has had two businesses acquire more than 10 million users each, he estimates that less than 0.01% of people online create new content (this excludes liking on FaceBook, Instagram, or favoriting a tweet). When put into that perspective, it makes me believe that anyone who learned something new today has a responsibility to share it with the Internet. 
I’m a culprit of worrying too much about how I will be perceived online, so instead of starting and undoubtedly stopping yet again, I’m going to follow Adam’s words of wisdom and simply begin (while I firmly try to live my life in beta, it’s still a challenge in many aspects of my life).
So this is my first bit of advice: begin writing down what you’ve learned today. Focus on one sentence that summarizes your post. Add an anecdote that further explains your point. Post. Rinse. Repeat.
For a great tool that helps me start new habits, check out the app Lift (https://lift.do/). Feel free to add me and I will help give you support inside the app to help you achieve your new behavior!